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Watson and Holmes
Awesome Fanfiction I Had The Utmost Pleasure to Read

NOTE: This is a working ficrec page. I will continue to update this once I gather my wits about. (I usually put the latest fics I’ve read in this massive Word doc and when I have time, I catalogue it)

FANDOM CLASSICS these are fanfiction classic to the fandom which garnered a cult of their own. they have been referenced many of times, considered fannon, and inspired an insane amount of fanart including videos, sub-stories, and illustrations.

THE BEST OF AO3 list of the most popular Johnlock fics on Archive of Our Own.

KIDLOCK where either John or Sherlock becomes a kid/baby or is a kid/baby; includes babysitting fics.

ARRANGED MARRIAGE where John and Sherlock are… you guessed it, arranged to be married; mega fluff-a-thon.

UNKNOWN BOYFRIEND where John is Sherlock’s boyfriend and New Scotland Yard does not know what to make of it all; this is so good! my favorite trope of all time.

DARK AUs Alternate Universe with really dark themes; mostly slow-burn angst.

AMNESIA where John or Sherlock has amnesia; mostly angst.

BAMF!JOHN where John is a badass motherfucker.

SUICIDE and SELF-HARM ANGST where John or Sherlock are driven to suicide or self-harm.

ROYALTY AU where we find out that John is actually of noble blood.

JOHN TAKES THE FALL where John is the one who falls off the roof of St. Barts and Sherlock is left to grieve for him.

JOHNIARTY where the main ship is John Watson and James Moriarty. This is a guilty pleasure of mine.

OMEGAVERSE these fics are within the Omegaverse AU. I’ve just started reading these types of fics and I still have reservations.

DADDY KINK where either John or Sherlock (or Moriarty) enjoys age play and daddy kink. This is another guilty pleasure of mine. Also contains nonsexual age play.